MONICA plenary 2018 – Presentation, training & workshop on U4IoT End-user Engagement Tools and Support Services

Afternoon of May 15th 2018

On May 15th 2018, U4IoT partner Kai Zhang (Martel) gave a presentation (prepared by Nathalie Stembert (SD)) on the collection of tools and support services that U4IoT has made available to the IoT Large-Scale Pilot (IoT-LSP) projects, at the plenary meeting of MONICA in Leeds. The presentation and workshop had three goals:

  1. to provide MONICA, as one of the IoT-LSPs, an overview on all available U4IoT tools and services,
  2. to discuss specific support for the MONICA Hackathons from U4IoT,
  3. offer MONICA an experience of the online U4IoT tools & support services.

In total 12 Participants have been involved in the discussion, including the Coordinator, User engagement and Dissemination Lead, as well as the representative from the Hackathons.  

Figure 1 – MONICA plenary – U4IoT Presentation

At the end of the presentation, the MONICA team has a better understanding of the available U4IoT tools and support services, and demonstrated interests in further discussion on specific support for the Hackathons.