MONICA plenary 2018 – Presentation, training & workshop on U4IoT End-user Engagement Tools and Support Services

Afternoon of May 15th 2018

On May 15th 2018, U4IoT partner Kai Zhang (Martel) gave a presentation (prepared by Nathalie Stembert (SD)) on the collection of tools and support services that U4IoT has made available to the IoT Large-Scale Pilot (IoT-LSP) projects, at the plenary meeting of MONICA in Leeds. The presentation and workshop had three goals:

  1. to provide MONICA, as one of the IoT-LSPs, an overview on all available U4IoT tools and services,
  2. to discuss specific support for the MONICA Hackathons from U4IoT,
  3. offer MONICA an experience of the online U4IoT tools & support services.

In total 12 Participants have been involved in the discussion, including the Coordinator, User engagement and Dissemination Lead, as well as the representative from the Hackathons.  

Figure 1 – MONICA plenary – U4IoT Presentation

At the end of the presentation, the MONICA team has a better understanding of the available U4IoT tools and support services, and demonstrated interests in further discussion on specific support for the Hackathons.

This work was undertaken in the context of the U4IoT project – User Engagement for Large Scale Pilots in the Internet of Things ( The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Commission’s H2020-ICT-2016-2017 Programme under grant agreement n° 732078.